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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Birthday and Advent Ring

Here is a true sign of having a little one around the home again...We wrote this blog post months ago and never published it!  Although it is well past Advent, the ring may be purchased at any time of the year and is beautiful for birthdays and more.

Instead of the traditional four tall candles around a circle, this year we purchased a beautiful, round, wood candle ring  for Advent.  Each Sunday, we light a candle and add a little something extra.  The candle in the middle was given to us by our midwife when Linden was born.  We lit it and sang happy birthday after her blissful home waterbirth.  We have been saving the candle for something special and decided to use it for the middle of the Advent ring. Crystals and stones from homeschooling projects.  Dried sage from our CSA box from the local organic farm.  Ricky made the yellow ceramic candle holder in the middle.

Advent ring by Joshua Rutherford of Honoring Fallen Trees (he does custom orders, too!). Organic candles by Oakmoss. Wood wolf by Halushka. All shops on Etsy. Third week...crystals, plants, beasts....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Memories

Advent Wreath

Decorated Tree and Straw Star Garland

Presents Wrapped in Silks with Watercolored Tags

Handmade Stockings

Stocking Stuffers: Maple Candies for Ricky, Crayon Rocks for Wilson, Chinese Jumprope for Joey, Dr. Hauschka Lotion for Daddy, Crocheted Flower for Mommy (from Joey)

Gifts:  Felted Fairy Mobile by Ricky for Joey, Wildcraft Board Game, Nature's Prints Photo Paper, Books, Waldorf in Education Book for Daddy, Massage Certificate for Mommy, Crocheted Items for Everyone from Joey

Since the kids were under the weather, we didn't all get to see the cousins and other relatives.  Mommy made a soup and a vegan carrot cake with macadamia nut-lemon frosting using veggies and lemons from the gardens.

Happy Family,
Peaceful Day....
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

From Fall to Winter....

We've learned to slow down our transition from one season to the next. Instead of a 1-day transformation, we spend days working on the Dell.

The "nooks" were all cleaned out and reorganized. Fall-colored silks were replaced by Winter-colored silks.
The childrens' vibrant orange and yellow watercolors are down, and new, blue-toned watercolors are up!

Our outdoor Seasonal Spot once had pumpkins, a cornucopia and corn. Now, it full of pine boughs and holly berries. (Too cold outside to take pics!)
A simple garland of straw stars will adorn our front window near the Christmas tree.

An advent wreath is displayed in our entryway with the kids' own dipped candles. Some stones and crystals are inside the wreath from the first week, and this week we added fruit, twigs and leaves.
Daddy made us a finger puppet stage last Christmas. Our knitted and Tunisian-crocheted gnome puppets love the little stage!
The family is busy weaving up our handspun/dyed yarns into a Winter table runner. Should be done, soon!
The manger is up, waiting for the arrival of more needlefelted people and animals.

Now, it's time to plan our Christmas play!