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Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Chi of Streamer Wands

We had the pleasure of creating these wonderful streamer wands for a wedding. We can just imagine the joy of those attending the ceremony as they wave their streamers to bless the newlyweds! In feng shui, colorful ribbons and flags may be placed near a home and as they move to gentle breezes, it is said that they capture and stir the nurturing chi energy. For a wedding, the fluttering streamers would certainly call the energies of love, sensuality, and happiness. As for a child, well, there's just something infinitely cool and captivating when a simple circular motion of the arm creates a lively, shimmery, ribbony trail.

We made the sticks of poplar, cut to seven inch lengths. An earlier prototype of our streamer wand had a metal eyelet screwed to the top of the stick for the ribbons, but in our new design, we carved a subtle dual concavity and drilled a hole for the ribbons to loop through - a safer, more elegant design!

The ribbons are of silk strips that had been naturally hand-dyed - oh so pretty!

Streamer wands - from weddings to playtime to enhancing chi, ribbons on a stick go a long way!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day!

Today was Valentine's Day. Mommy and Daddy handcrafted gifts for the children. Here are pictures of a couple of the gifts. The ribbons on the streamer stick were dyed with tumeric, brazilwood and copper.

Inspired by 5 Orange Potatoes' blog, we went on a heart hunt in the backyard this morning! We had fun finding and making hearts in nature.